Wednesday 7 July 2010

Slow Techno : Scuba - On Deck

scuba artist photo - slow technoThe Hot Flush head honcho, Paul Rose, drops this little techno bullet on his second album 'Triangulation.' Most commonly known for his ambient styled dubstep music, it has become apparent that Mr Rose is a fan of techno. This was best demonstrated when he included Surgeon's 'Klonk 4' on his Sub:Stance mix CD (which is well worth checking out).

'On Deck' is a fresh release from 2010. Percussive slow techno groover that grows as the track gathers momentum. The stab lead starts off subtly as the pad floats around it. The track really gets going as the synth eventually occupies more space and takes over the record. Waves pour in towards the end as the joint finishes on a mellower tip. Good track for getting the rhythms riding and grooves locked. Easy to see how this one can work in a number of genres and environments due to the clever sounds used, the choice of tempo and the percussion.


  1. Good call man, nice track, must get this. Have you heard the Elektro Guzzi LP yet?

  2. Thanks man.

    Not heard that album yet - will check it out. Thanks for the tip.