Tuesday 6 July 2010

Slow Techno : Maurizio - M-4.5

maurizio m-4.5 record center - slow techno
Maurizio artist photo - slow techno
Moritz von Oswald & Mark Ernestus make up Maurizio a.k.a Basic Channel. 'M4.5' is a slice of German genius from this legendary label.

True deep techno of the absolute finest nature. This is a real classic amongst the 'heads' in the scene. Originally released back in 1995 on the Maurizio / M label (part of the Basic Channel family), you can hear the attention to groove hypnotism as this one pulls you in and does not let go. Don your audio armbands as this one will not be found in the shallow end.

This record is now fifteen years old but has that timeless quality that only such a strong piece of music can achieve.

One thing that amazes is just how deceptive this cut is - it may appear to be simple on your ear but crafting such rhythm, texture and groove that retains your attention is the art demonstrated here by these fine producers. Slow techno that stirs your imagination whilst moving those 4am feet.

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