Tuesday, 24 August 2010

News : World Record is Official

Congratulations to Scaramanga Silk for setting the World Record for the Slowest Techno Track with their 'Sacrifice' single.

91 Beats Per Minute.

Read all about it at The World Records Academy Website.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Update : Site Crashes whilst streaming World Record attempt

Our apologies to viewers who hoped to see the live stream for 'The Slowest Techno Track' World Record attempt this evening. It appears that our bandwidth could not cope with the high volume of traffic.

The good news is that the attempt was completed successfully.

At present, the attempt will have to go through all the verification processes before the record can be claimed. We will update you as and when we are informed of a decision.

Friday, 13 August 2010

News : SlowTechno.com to stream World Record attempt

On Monday 23rd August 2010 the site will be hosting the official World Record attempt for the Slowest Techno Track. The event will be streamed live on the night and will be exclusive to this site.

For full details and updates, please visit the dedicated page: World Record -Slowest Techno Track

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Slow Techno : Carl Craig - Domina / Dominas & Maurizio - Domina (Carl Craig's Mind Mix)

carl craig domina record centre
Carl Craig - proper legend! Here we have a deep, lush and beautiful outing from the Detroit master.

Interestingly, this was released as both a remix and an original track. It features as a remix of Maurizio's - 'Domina' but also as an original track 'Dominas' on the exceptional Carl Craig album 'More Songs About Food and Revolutionary Art.' Please buy that album if you do not own it already. In fact, if you do own it, buy yourself a spare copy.

Perfect slow techno at a deep 126BPM. This gem dates back to 1993. To this day this is still an aural delight. Lush textures, deep grooves, hypnotic vibes and a warm centre make this a great listening experience or groover on the floor. Hit that rewind button on the player. Enjoy this one over and over again.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Slow Techno : Basement Jaxx - Raw S#it

basement jaxx raw s#it record centreYes, you did read that title correctly! A Basement Jaxx track on SlowTechno.com - what is going on?

Well, these two legends are the market leaders of house music and are a pair of mighty fine producers but on this occasion their dark 'n' dirty side comes to the fore. Many will argue that this is dirty house music and they would be right. However, this has a rawness and energy that is truly in the spirit of techno. It is great to see a track like this come out of the house scene and work so well in a slow techno context.

'Raw S#it' was released all the way back in 1997 on the great Atlantic Jaxx label. You will find this hidden away on the b-side of the 'Urban Haze' EP. The Jaxx have done a few other dirty distorted numbers during their time - seek them out!