Monday, 27 September 2010

Slow Techno Mixes from Japan : DJ 100Mado & Parhelion a.k.a Julia

Thank you to DJ 100Mado for getting in touch. Great to hear about what is happening in Japan with their underground music scene.

DJ 100Mado is a dubstep and slow techno producer / dj.
He runs the party 'BTC' with Goth-Trad.

You can read more about DJ 100Mado here:

Below is a preview of a 100bpm mix of his from April.
DJ 100 Mado describes this selection as 'Beatdown Techno influenced by Dubstep.'

The full mix can be downloaded from here:

Also worth checking is Parhelion a.k.a Julia who has posted up a 100bpm mix from May this year. Slow deep tech grooves all the way on this one.

Listen / download it at Soundcloud:

100bpm promitional mix may 2010 by parhelion a.k.a JULIA

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Slow Techno : Actress - Hubble

actress image
A deep masterpiece here from the Werk Discs Label Manager. Darren Cunningham recently released the second Actress album entitled 'Splazsh.' Electronic to the core, the range of tracks fit house, techno and electronica. There is a real Carl Craig feel to the music which gets our backing everytime.

Opening the album is this super deep and
slow techno cut 'Hubble.' Possibly inspired by space exploration, this track pulses magnificently whilst elements work around the hypnotic enticing melody. At nearly nine minutes long, you will get lost in the groove as your imagination begins to soar.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Slow Techno : Daft Punk - Steam Machine (The World's Second Slowest Techno Track)

daft punk image
The French maestros are best known as kings of house but hardcore fans will know all about their techno outings.

'Steam Machine' is taken from the 2005 album 'Human After All' which also contains the peak time full on techno workout 'The Brainwasher.' 'Steam Machine' is super slow techno - analogue synth business with a whispered vocal throughout. At 92bpm this was just 1bpm slower than the recent world record track by Scaramanga Silk.

Here are two versions of 'Steam Machine' - one forwards and one backwards.