Tuesday 4 May 2010

Slow Techno : Purveyors Of Fine Funk - Ashes Smashing Red

Purveyors Of Fine Funk - Slow Techno
Peacefrog released this gem back in 1995. Dan Curtin, Mike Filly & Tatsuro Hayashi are the trio behind this legendary outfit. 'Ashes Smashing Red' is hidden away on the b-side of the 12" but became recognised as a great slow techno track. Starting off with pure atmosphere and light percussion, the groove soon takes over with fantastic rhythms, sub bass and hypnotic pads that loop over and over. Make sure you catch this on a good system as the deep and low bass needs to be heard properly to appreciate this great tune.

Not a particularly slow track for the era but the timeless nature of this piece means that this release now works brilliantly in deep techno contexts. A tune for the 4am Fabric crew or a great early doors track to get the momentum of a set going. One to hunt down - fifteen years on this still does the business.

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