Saturday 1 May 2010

Slow Techno : Paperclip People - Oscillator

Carl Craig has worked under many guises but Paperclip People has to be one of his best. The album 'Secret Tapes Of Dr Eich' contains some real classics such as 'Throw' and 'The Climax.' Here we have 'Oscillator' as released on Retroactive. Containing samples from the Mortal Kombat computer game, the 'Power Of Love (Remix)' by Deee-Lite and Mantronix's 'King Of The Beats' this is a breakbeat driven piece of analogue screeching slow techno. Opening with pads this launches straight into the cow bell driven floor shaker as the sweet open hat rides on the four-four with the break kicking over the top. The distorted synth line owns the tune as it pitches up and down across the track. Pure genius from the Detroit legend that still sounds amazing despite being released back in 1991. Seek it out.

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