Friday 23 April 2010

What Is The Difference Between Slow Techno And Tech House?

Thank you to Jose-Andreas for the following email that we just received:

'Hey there Slow,

I likes your Aardvarck and Youngsters postings on your website.

I not know much about Slow Techno but is it not just Tech House? I always told that Tech House is just slowed down Techno. Is this wrong, no?'

This is a valid question and we are pleased that you have raised it. Both styles are sub-genres of Techno and therefore will contain similar elements. It is also likely that both styles are slower than current and traditional Techno. Where they may differ is in the feel, groove and soundscapes used. Tech House may have more of a house groove to it with some softer pads (e.g - Circulation). It is also likely to stick to quite a tight bpm range. In conrast, Slow Techno may keep more traditional techno sounds, fluctuate in bpm range and not have a house groove. However, as with many styles, there are bound to be cross over tracks that blur the boundaries. When these crop up we will feature them here (and debate them too).

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