Monday 19 April 2010

Slow Techno : Aardvarck - Cult Copy 1

Aardvarck Slow Techno To kick off the site we are going for this little gem courtesy of Aardvarck a.k.a Mike Kivits - a diverse and talented producer with releases in the genres of techno, hip hop, new wave and more across a range of labels including Delsin, Rush Hour and Kindred Spirits. You may also know him as part of Rednose Distrikt. This track is taken from his album 'Cult Copy' on Rush Hour from 2005 that features tracks across a range of styles including melodic electro, space age sci-fi soundtracks and peak time dancefloor techno.

'Cult Copy 1' is a deceptively slow piece of rhythmic dancefloor techno. The four-four kick drum leads the groove but the overlaid percussion drives the track on excellently. It is an energetic workout from start to finish as the pulsing synths, tribal groove and analogue warmth raid through the track to meet the sweeping pads later on. This slow techno release is reminiscent of the classic Paperclip People works of Carl Craig from the early 90's.

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